Kataoka Ainosuke I

Born in 1791. Son of Kataoka Nizaemon VII and brother of Kataoka Shimamaru. He received the name of Kataoka Ainosuke I and learnt the art with his father. He became zamoto in Ky˘to in the 11th lunar month of 1800, producing the drama "Shin Usuyuki Monogatari" at the Kitagawa no Shibai. He was a wakashugata actor who did not have the time to achieve fame for himself as he died the 6th of the 6th lunar month of 1808.

Kataoka Ainosuke I playing the role of the courtesan Kikuno in the drama "Godairiki Koi no Fűjime" in a print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III (1862~1863)

Kataoka Ainosuke II

The actor Kataoka Ch˘dayű III held this name from his teens to the 10th lunar month of 1816.

Kataoka Ainosuke III

Date of birth unknown. Most likely a disciple of Kataoka Gad˘ II. He took the name of Kataoka Ainosuke III at an unknown date (previous stage names unknown) and went to Edo in the 1st lunar month of 1850 to perform at the Nakamuraza. He went back to ďsaka but went on tour to Edo one more time in the 5th lunar month of 1856 to perform at the Moritaza. He went back to ďsaka in at the end of the 1850s or the beginning of the 1860s. This onnagata actor was popular at the end of his career, reaching the prestigious j˘-j˘-kichi in ďsaka in the 1st lunar month of 1862. He died in ďsaka the 2nd of the 12th lunar month of 1862.

Kataoka Ainosuke III playing the role of the courtesan Kikuno in the drama "Godairiki Koi no Fűjime", which was staged in the 8th lunar month of 1861 at the Naka no Shibai (print made by Utagawa Hirosada)

Kataoka Ainosuke IV

Born in ďsaka the 1st of August 1881 in the pleasure district of Shinmachi. He became disciple of Nakamura S˘jűr˘ at the age of 4 and made his debut at the Meirakuza in Horie (a district of ďsaka). Later on, He joined Nakamura Kasen I and received the name of Nakamura Kak˘. His third and fourth masters were Kataoka Nizaemon X and Kataoka Nizaemon XI. He became nadai in 1902 and was allowed to take the name of Kataoka Ainosuke IV in January 1907 at the Kadoza, playing the role of Fuwa Bansaku in the drama "Ishida no Tsubone". He was active as a supporting onnagata actor in the troupe led by Kataoka Nizaemon XI up to his death the 16th of May 1927. In minor theaters, he had the chance to perform important roles and it was said that his best ones were Osono ("Sakaya"), Omiwa ("Mikasayama Goten") and Osan ("Shigure no Kotatsu").

Honmy˘ Haimy˘ Yag˘
Kitamura Daigor˘ Kak˘ Matsushimaya

Kataoka Ainosuke IV

Kataoka Ainosuke V

Born in ďsaka the 10th of October 1905. He was adopted by the actor Ichikawa Shinsh˘, who gave him the name of Ichikawa Shinzaemon. He made his first apperance on stage in August 1909 in ďsaka. He stopped acting when his adoptive father died. A few years later, in 1920, he became disciple of Kataoka Gad˘ IV and received the name of Kataoka Gakusabur˘ II in January 1924. He became nadai in April 1928 and took the name of Kataoka Ainosuke V in April 1943, in T˘ky˘ at the Kabukiza, performing with his master Kataoka Nizaemon XII in the drama "Kirare Yosa". He was an important supporting actor for the Kataoka clan, trained as an onnagata and excelling in fukeyaku roles. He was also, at the end of his career, a regular supporting actor of Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XVII. He died the 26th of October 1973.

Honmy˘ Yag˘
Mihara K˘sabur˘ Matsuhiroya

Kataoka Ainosuke V (left) playing the role of the maid Oai in the drama "Kirare Yosa" (1940s)

Kataoka Ainosuke VI

The actor Kataoka Ainosuke VI is the current holder of the name since January 1992.

Kataoka Ainosuke VI playing the role of Minamoto no Sanetomo in the drama "Kiritar˘ Tengű no Sakamori" (illustration courtesy of RANCHUROW (2009) all rights reserved)

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