9 shows in T˘ky˘ (Kabukiza, National Theatre, Nihonbashi K˘kaid˘, Theatre Cocoon), 2 in Ky˘to (Minamiza, Shunjűza), 2 in ďsaka (National Bunraku Theatre, Kintetsu Art Kan) and 1 in Hokuto (Megami-no-Mori)!

  • Living National Treasure Band˘ Tamasabur˘, Nakamura Shichinosuke, Nakamura Senjaku, Matsumoto K˘shir˘, Ichikawa Ennosuke, Band˘ Yajűr˘, Ichikawa Chűsha and Band˘ Minosuke perform at the Kabukiza!
  • Nakamura Shid˘ and Hatsune Miku perform at the Minamiza!
  • All the others great Kabuki actors are on vacation ...
  • Kabukiza (T˘ky˘)
    Dates 9 ~ 27 August 2019
    Hachigatsu N˘ry˘ Kabuki
    August Cool-Breeze Kabuki

    Meiboku Sendai Hagi

  • Goten
  • Yukashita
  • Yami no Ume Hyaku Monogatari


    T˘kaid˘chű Hizakurige


    Shinpan Yukinoj˘ Henge


    Living National Treasure Band˘ Tamasabur˘, Nakamura Shichinosuke, Nakamura Senjaku, Matsumoto K˘shir˘, Ichikawa Ennosuke, Band˘ Yajűr˘, Ichikawa Chűsha, Band˘ Minosuke, Nakamura Kotar˘, Ichikawa Monnosuke, Kataoka Kamez˘, Ichikawa En'ya, Ichikawa Emisabur˘, Ichikawa Emiya, Matsumoto Kingo, Ichikawa Juen, Ichikawa Somegor˘, Kataoka Sennosuke, Nakamura Takanosuke, Nakamura Toranosuke, Nakamura Hashinosuke, Nakamura Fukunosuke, Nakamura Hayato, ďtani Hirotar˘, Nakamura Kash˘, Nakamura Tanenosuke, Band˘ Shingo, Nakamura Kamenoj˘, Nakamura Tsurumatsu, Nakamura Kantar˘, Nakamura Ch˘zabur˘, Ichikawa Danko


    The usual summer program at the Kabukiza! It is entitled Hachigatsu N˘ry˘ Kabuki (literally "the August cool-breeze Kabuki").

  • Meiboku Sendai Hagi: this play is about the attempt to take over one of the most famous samurai households in the Edo period, the Date clan ruling Sendai, a scandal that caused a sensation in its day. After the death of the lord of the clan, his young heir is the target of villains. Masaoka (Nakamura Shichinosuke), the boy's nurse is desperately afraid that he will be poisoned. She refuses to let anyone see him who might try to assassinate him and attempts to keep him safe in the women's quarters where men are forbidden. She even fixes his meal in her quarters using her delicate tea ceremony implements to cook rice. The plotting faction does not give up, though, and sends poison in the form of candy as a present from the Sh˘gun. Masaoka's son Senmatsu sacrifices his life for the young lord by eating the poisoned candy, and when he is killed by the evil Yashio (Matsumoto K˘shir˘), Masaoka thinks only of protecting her lord. Her fierce devotion to duty convinces the plotters that she is on their side. Masaoka's actions help save the young lord, and only when she is alone can she grieve for her son. As another faithful retainer Otokonosuke (Band˘ Minosuke), stands guard underneath the room, the evil Nikki Danj˘ (Matsumoto K˘shir˘) appears as a giant rat, but then slips away, walking calmly through the clouds. Featuring also Nakamura Kotar˘ (Okinoi) and Nakamura Senjaku (Sakae Gozen).
  • Yami no Ume Hyaku Monogatari:
    (The Game of a Hundred Lights)
    This is a dance drama based on a popular game in former times to light one hundred lanterns and tell ghost stories. At the conclusion of each story a light was extinguished. When the last remaining lantern was extinguished a real ghost, it was believed, would appear. Starring Matsumoto K˘shir˘ as skeleton/a peddler of commercial news-sheet by reading it aloud, Nakamura Senjaku as the snow fairy, Band˘ Shingo as the maid servant Shiraume and Band˘ Yajűr˘ as ďuchi Yoshihir˘.

  • T˘kaid˘chű Hizakurige: "T˘kaid˘chű Hizakurige", also known as "Yaji Kita" after its two main protagonists Yajirobŕ (Matsumoto K˘shir˘) and Kitahachi (Ichikawa Ennosuke), is a famous comic novel written in the Edo period. It has often been adapted as Kabuki and has always been a popular and humorous story reflecting the contemporary topics of the age. This is the third work in a series of popular plays first staged in 2016. Many incidents happened to them along the great T˘kaid˘ Highway as they were heading from Edo city to the Ise Shrine. Once, Yaji and Kita were blown all the way to Las Vegas by a whale. Somehow, they got back to Edo city and then worked as black-robed stagehands at the Kabukiza. There they even solved a murder case in the theatre, but they blundered onto the stage again and again and, as ever, were scolded. Now, once more, they set off on a journey through Japan for the Ise Shrine, but what will happen to them this time?! Featuring also Nakamura Shichinosuke, Ichikawa Chűsha, Kataoka Kamez˘, Band˘ Minosuke and Ichikawa Monnosuke.
  • Yukinoj˘ Henge: this is a historical novel written in 1934 by Mikami Otokichi which has been adapted for the cinema and the theatre several times. The story first takes place in the latter half of the Edo period. Matsuuraya Seizaemon, the top shipping agent in Nagasaki, was loved by the local people for his gentle personality. However, duped by the Nagasaki magistrate Dobe Sansai (Ichikawa Chűsha) and Hiromiya T˘bŕ, he meets a tragic end. His son Yukitar˘ leaves Nagasaki promising to avenge his death. Twenty years later in Edo, Yukitar˘ has studied under the master Nakamura Kikunoj˘ (Ichikawa Chűsha), and has become tremendously popular as the leading actor Nakamura Yukinoj˘ (Living National Treasure Band˘ Tamasabur˘) who specialises in female roles. To avenge his fatherĺs death, he learns the secrets of swordsmanship from his master Wakita Issh˘sai (Ichikawa Chűsha). Sansaiĺs daughter Lady Namiji, who is much favoured by the Sh˘gun, sees Yukinoj˘ on stage and is captivated. Taking advantage of this, Yukinoj˘ drinks alone with her so as to get close to Sansai, the man who caused his father to die in agony. Featuring also Nakamura Shichinosuke in the role of Akizora Hoshisabur˘.
  • Sources: Sh˘chiku Kabuki Official Website

    Minamiza (Ky˘to)
    Dates 2 ~ 26 August 2019
    Hachigatsu Minamiza Ch˘kabuki
    August Minamiza Ultra-Kabuki
    Main program

    Ch˘kabuki no Mikata

    Okuni Sanza Imay˘ Kabuki Odori

    Hana Kurabe Senbon Zakura [In Japanese]

    Limited program

    Hana Kurabe Senbon Zakura [In Japanese]


    Nakamura Shid˘, Hatsune Miku


    A special Ch˘kabuki program in Ky˘to at the Minamiza. The world of Kabuki and the world of otaku collide for the 5th time in Kabuki history (for the first time in a major Kabuki theater)! Resulting from this spectacular collision, a new genre, the Ch˘kabuki (literally Ultra-Kabuki), which combines Kabuki with advanced ICT technology, was born in 2016 [more details]. Nakamura Shid˘ shares the stage with the virtual 3D creature Hatsune Miku. The main program will is staged either once or twice. The limited edition is staged the 4th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 21st and 23rd of August in the afternoon at 15:30 (4th, 12th, 16th, 21st) or in the evening at 18:00 (7th, 9th, 19th, 23rd).

    Nihonbashi K˘kaid˘ (T˘ky˘)
    Dates 9 ~ 10 August 2019
    Takasago Gala


    Shiki Sanbas˘

    Sanja Matsuri



    Tsuri Onna


    Nakamura Baigyoku, Nakamura Umemaru, Nakamura Umez˘, Nakamura Umeno, Nakamura Umeaki, Nakamura Umetoshi


    1st edition of the Takasago Gala for the disciples of Nakamura Baigyoku in the Takasagoya guild.

    Dates 15 August 2019
    Tsuta no Kai
    Ivy Gala

    Yoshiwara Suzume

    Bakuchi Jű˘


    Ichikawa Tsutanosuke, Onoe Matsuya, Nakamura Umemaru, Ichikawa Aragor˘, Onoe Otoichir˘


    2nd edition of the Tsuta no Kai (literally "the Ivy Association"), which stars Ichikawa Tsutanosuke.

    National Theatre (T˘ky˘)
    Dates 10 ~ 11 August 2019
    Ne no Kai

    Takasago Tanzen

    Su˘ Otoshi

    Sankyoku Ito no Shirabe

    Michiyuki Koi no Odamaki


    21st edition of the summer program of the association Ne no Kai (literally 'the Sound Association'). The first three items in this program are only music performances. The last one, "Koi no Odamaki", is performed by Nakamura Jakuemon's three disciples Nakamura Ky˘tae, Nakamura Ky˘sumi and Nakamura Ky˘yuki.

    Dates 15 ~ 19 August 2019

    Kiichi H˘gen Sanryaku no Maki
    (Ichij˘ ďkura Monogatari)

    B˘ Shibari

    Sanja Matsuri

    Sekisan Yakko

    Yowa Nasake Ukina no Yokogushi (Genjidana)


    25th edition of the common program for 2 associations, the Chigyokai (the Young Fishes Association) and the Kabukikai (the Kabuki Association), which stars stars' disciples in the leading roles of all the items in the program under the guidance of Living National Treasure Nakamura Kichiemon, Onoe Sh˘roku, Nakamura Tokiz˘, Nakamura Shikan and Band˘ Yajűr˘.

    Shunjűza (Ky˘to)
    Dates 28 ~ 29 August 2019
    Ken no Kai

    Benten Musume Meo no Shiranami

  • Hamamatsuya
  • Inasegawa Seizoroi
  • Yoi Yakko


    Onoe Ukon, Ichikawa Danz˘, Band˘ Hikosabur˘, Kataoka Ichiz˘, Ichikawa Kudanji, Arashi Kitsusabur˘, Nakamura Umemaru, Band˘ Kamesabur˘


    5th edition of the Ken no Kai, which stars Onoe Kikugor˘ VI's great-grandson Onoe Ukon. Ken no Kai literally means 'Ken's Association' with Ken being the first ideogram in Onoe Ukon's real first name Kensuke.

    Kintetsu Art Kan (ďsaka)
    Dates 2 ~ 5 August 2019
    Sora no Kai

    Higo no Komageta


    Kataoka Matsujűr˘, Kataoka Senjir˘, Kataoka Senju, Kataoka Yűjir˘, Kataoka Rikiya, Kataoka T˘jűr˘, Kataoka Toshiya, Kataoka T˘kichir˘, Nakamura Kansei


    The 5th gala of the Sora no Kai (literally 'Sky Society'), in ďsaka at the Kintetsu Art Kan, which stars mostly disciples of the Matsushimaya guild. Sora no Kai literally means "Sky Association". These performances are entitled Abeno Kabuki (Abeno is the name of a famous district in ďsaka). Katsu Genz˘ II's rarely-produced 1877 drama "Higo no Komageta" is staged under the guidance of Living National Treasure Kataoka Nizaemon, Kataoka Hidetar˘ and the furitsuke Yamamura Tomogor˘ III. This drama was staged for the last time in June 1952 at the Nakaza.

    National Bunraku Theatre (ďsaka)
    Dates 24 ~ 25 August 2019
    Kamigata Kabukikai

    Kotobuki Shiki Sanbas˘

    Ichi-no-Tani Futaba Gunki (Kumagai Jin'ya)

    Chikagoro Kawara no Tatehiki (Horikawa)


    29th edition of the Kamigata Kabukikai (the Kamigata Kabuki Association), a summer program in ďsaka which stars Kamigata Kabuki stars' disciples in the leading roles under the guidance of Living National Treasure Kataoka Nizaemon, Kataoka Gat˘ and Kataoka Hidetar˘.

    Shibuya Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon (T˘ky˘)
    Dates 3 ~ 12 August 2019

    Kotobuki Shiki Sanbas˘



    Tama Usagi

    Hane no Kamuro

    Ky˘ganoko Musume D˘j˘ji


    Ichikawa Ebiz˘, Ichikawa Juk˘, Ichikawa Suisen, Ichikawa Botan


    A sandai shűmei for the Ichikawa-ryű school of Buy˘ in T˘ky˘ at the Theatre Cocoon. Ichikawa K˘bai II, the daughter of Ichikawa Danjűr˘ XI and sister of Ichikawa Danjűr˘ XII, takes the name of Ichikawa Juk˘. Ichikawa Botan III, the daughter of Ichikawa Danjűr˘ XII and sister of Ichikawa Ebiz˘ XI, takes the name of Ichikawa Suisen IV. Horikoshi Reika, the daughter of Ichikawa Ebiz˘ XI, takes the name of Ichikawa Botan IV. The dance masters Fujima Kanjűr˘ VIII, Onoe Kikunoj˘ III, Hanayagi Juraku III and Nishikawa Minosuke will also perform in "Ky˘ganoko Musume D˘j˘ji".

    Dates 17 ~ 18 August 2019
    Kudanji Hiromatsu no Kai

    Kaki Yamabushi

    Tsugai no Ch˘ Hana no Shimadai

  • Ch˘ no Michiyuki
  • Shakky˘
  • Casting

    Ichikawa Kudanji, ďtani Hiromatsu


    1st edition of the Kudanji Hiromatsu no Kai, a gala which stars Ichikawa Kudanji and ďtani Hiromatsu. The first item in the program, "Kaki Yamabushi" (The Persimmon Thief), is a Ky˘gen supervised by the ky˘genshi Shigeyama Ippei. The second item is a 3-act dance-drama including "Ch˘ no Michiyuki" and "Shakky˘".

    Megami-no-Mori (Hokuto)
    Dates 24 ~ 25 August 2019
    Hyakka Ry˘ran

    Kobuchisawa Kabuki K˘za

    Hashi Benkei

    Tachi Nusubito


    Onoe Matsuya, Onoe Matsumushi, Onoe Otoichir˘, Ichikawa Tsutanosuke, Onoe Tokumatsu, Onoe Takamatsu


    1st edition of a gala entitled Hyakka Ry˘ran, literally a gathering of many talented people, in Hokuto (Yamanashi Prefecture) at the Megami-no-Mori Central Garden. The first item in the program is a talk on stage (Kobuchisawa is the name of the district where Megami-no-Mori was built).

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