Stage names:

Arashi Kitsusabur˘ VI In Japanese
Nakamura Tomitar˘ In Japanese
Band˘ Takeshir˘ In Japanese
Band˘ Tsurukichi In Japanese

Real name: Ishihara Arata

Guild: Itamiya

Line number: ROKUDAIME (VI)

Birthday: 22 October 1944


Master: Nakamura Tomijűr˘


October 1944: born in the city of Kuwana (Mie prefecture).

May 1963: he became disciple of Band˘ Tsurunosuke IV and appeared on stage for the first time, at the ďsaka Shinkabukiza, where he received the name of Band˘ Tsurukichi.

May 1964: Band˘ Tsurunosuke IV and Band˘ Tsurukichi took at the Kabukiza the respective names of Ichimura Takenoj˘ VI and Band˘ Takeshir˘.

September 1972: Ichimura Takenoj˘ VI and Band˘ Takeshir˘ took at the Kabukiza the respective names of Nakamura Tomijűr˘ V and Nakamura Tomitar˘.

October 1977: Tomitar˘ became nadai and took at the Shinbashi Enbuj˘ the prestigious name of Arashi Kitsusabur˘ VI, playing the roles of the yakko Kikuhei and Yamashita Mondo in the dramas "Ishikiri Kajiwara" and "Kinkakuji".

March 1991: revival at the National Theatre of Namiki Gohei I's play "Sode Nikki Banshű Meguri"; Kitsusabur˘ played the role of the hyakush˘ K˘saku [more details].

June 2005: Chikamatsuza tour in the USA with Nakamura Ganjir˘, Nakamura Kanjaku and Nakamura Kikaku. The program was made up of the dance "B˘ Shibari" and Chikamatsu Monzaemon's masterpiece "Sonezaki Shinjű"; Kitsusabur˘ played the role of Sone Matsubŕ and Hiranoya Tokubŕ's uncle Kyűemon in the former and latter items [more details].

November 2013: Kitsusabur˘ joined the first league of Kabuki actors (kanbu sh˘shin); he played at the Kabukiza the role of Ono no Kudayű in the 4th and 7th acts of the classic "Kanadehon Chűshingura".

November 2015: revival at the National Theatre of the drama "Shinrei Yaguchi no Watashi" (t˘shi ky˘gen in 4 acts); Kitsusabur˘ played the role of the priest D˘nen [more details|casting].

March 2017: "Igagoe D˘chű Sugoroku" was staged as a t˘shi ky˘gen at the National Theatre. The core of this revival was "Okazaki". The third act, commonly called "Engakuji", which was staged for the last time in February 1931 at the Meijiza, was revived as well; Kitsusabur˘ played the role of Wada Yukie [more details | casting].


Arashi Kitsusabur˘ VI is a very active and talented supporting tachiyaku, who proved that he was worthy holding such a prestigious name. He plays frequently the role of the condemned man when his master Nakamura Tomijűr˘ plays the leading role of Kajiwara in the drama "Ishikiri Kajiwara". He is also a reputed tachimawari choreographer.

The Arashi Kitsusabur˘ line of actors

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