Stage names:

Seki Sanjűr˘ V
Seki Hanasuke II

Real name: Seki Tominari

Guild: Owariya

Line number: GODAIME (V)

Poetry name: Kazan

Existence: 1879 ~ 25 February 1931


Father: Seki Sanjűr˘ IV

Adopted son: Seki Sanjűr˘ VI

Disciples: Seki Hananosuke, Owariya Umenosuke, Seki Matsuz˘


1879: born in T˘ky˘ in the district of Hong˘ Haruki-ch˘.

May 1885: first stage appearance, at the Ichimuraza, where he receives the name of Seki Hanasuke II and plays the role of Chiyomatsu in the drama "Onabake Inari Tsuki no Oboroyo".

10 July 1889: his father Seki Sanjűr˘ IV dies.

February 1900: Hanasuke plays at the Engiza (T˘ky˘) the role of Genjir˘ in the drama "Tengajaya"; his stage partners are Nakamura Shikaku I (Iori), Sawamura Tosshi VII (Motoemon and K˘emon) and Ichikawa Danz˘ VII (T˘ma Sabur˘emon).

March 1903: Hanasuke plays at the Misonoza (Nagoya) the role of Iwanaga Saemon in the drama "Dan no Ura Kabuto Gunki"; the roles of Shigetada and Akoya are played by Sawamura Tosshi VII and Sawamura S˘nosuke I.

March 1907: Seki Hanasuke II takes the name of Seki Sanjűr˘ V at the Meijiza, playing the role of the ground spider in the drama "Kumo no Ito".

April 1908: Sanjűr˘ plays at the Engiza the role of Sait˘ Bett˘ Sanemori in the drama "Sanemori Monogatari".

1909: Sanjűr˘ purchases the Kokkaza, a koshibai venue, and renames it later on the H˘raiza. He is both the zamoto and the zagashira of this theater.

June 1911: Sanjűr˘ plays at the H˘raiza the role of Danshichi Kurobŕ in the drama "Natsu Matsuri Naniwa Kagami"; the roles of Issun Tokubŕ and Tsurigane Sabu are played by Sawamura Denjir˘ and Nakamura Baijaku I.

25 February 1931: Sanjűr˘ dies in T˘ky˘.


Seki Sanjűr˘ V was a tachiyaku actor, who spent the best years of his career in T˘ky˘ koshibai, performing in venues like the Asakusaza (which became the H˘raiza when he managed it for a few years in the 1910s), the Engiza, the Azumaza or the Waseda Gekij˘. His forte were jitsugotoshi roles in jidaimono dramas. He was quite popular in his prime and was often compared to Ichikawa Danjűr˘ IX (not only because of a certain physical resemblance). He unfortunately lost his fame in his latter years.

Seki Sanjűr˘ V

The Seki Hanasuke line of actors

The Seki Sanjűr˘ line of actors

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