Stage names:

Nakamura Matagor˘ I In Japanese
Nakamura Sh˘tar˘ In Japanese

Real name: Nakamura Sh˘jir˘

Guild: Harimaya

Line number: SHODAI (I)

Poetry name: Shikin

Existence: 1885 ~ 19 March 1920


Adoptive father: Nakamura Shikin

Son: Nakamura Matagor˘ II

Disciple: Nakamura Shijaku I


1885: born in Ky˘to in the pleasure quarter of Ponto-ch˘.

1890: he was adopted by the onnagata actor Nakamura Shikin, who gave him the name of Nakamura Sh˘tar˘.

January 1898: he went to T˘ky˘ and took the name of Nakamura Matagor˘ I at the Shintomiza.

Fall 1909: Matagor˘ joins the Jiyű Gekij˘ troupe.

September 1909: revival at the Meijiza of the drama "Kenuki", a long-forgotten play belonging to the Kabuki Jűhachiban; Matagor˘ played the role of Ono no Harukaze [casting].

January 1912: revival at the Meijiza of the drama "Fud˘" [1]; Matagor˘ played the role of Abe no Kiyotsura [more details].

January 1914: revival at the Hong˘za of the drama "Gedatsu" [1]; Matagor˘ played the role of the yakko Yamahei, in reality Tomo no Rokur˘ [more details].

September 1915: premiere at the Hong˘za of Okamoto Kid˘'s drama "Toribeyama Shinjű"; Matagor˘ played the role of Sakata Ichinosuke [casting].

1917: Matagor˘ became the leading star of the K˘en Gekij˘, a koshibai venue in the district of Asakusa.

19 March 1920: Matagor˘ died in T˘ky˘.


Nakamura Matagor˘ I was a promising actor, who was extremely popular when he was in kodomo shibai. He spent most of his adult career either in koshibai or as a member of the troupe led by Ichikawa Sadanji II. He was a nimaime and a wagotoshi.

[1] A long-forgotten drama belonging to the Kabuki Jűhachiban.

Nakamura Matagor˘ I portraying Fujiya Izaemon in the drama "Kuruwa Bunsh˘"

The Nakamura Matagor˘ line of actors

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