Stage names:

Nakamura Baigyoku IV
Nakamura Fukusuke VIII
Kagaya Fukunosuke I

Real name: Kawamura Toshiyuki

Guild: Takasagoya

Line number: YODAIME (IV)

Birthday: 2 August 1946


Adoptive father: Nakamura Utaemon VI

Apprentice: Nakamura Umemaru


January 1956: he makes his first appearance on stage, receiving the name of Kagaya Fukunosuke I and playing in the dance "Kumo no Hy˘shimai" at the Kabukiza.

April 1960: premiere at the Kabukiza of Hagiwara Yukio's dance-drama "Onizoroi Momijigari"; Fukunosuke plays the role of the messenger from the God of the Otokoyama Hachiman shrine Chiakihiko [casting].

April 1967: great shűmei at the Kabukiza for the Narikomaya and Kagaya guilds; Nakamura Fukusuke VII, Kagaya Fukunosuke II, Kagaya Hashinosuke II and Nakamura Tamatar˘ III respectively take the names of Nakamura Shikan VII, Nakamura Fukusuke VIII, Nakamura Matsue V and Nakamura T˘z˘ VI; The new Fukusuke plays the role of Koganosuke in the "Yoshinogawa" scene of the classic "Imoseyama Onna Teikin".

April 1981: revival at the National Theatre of Nishizawa Ipp˘'s drama "Keisei Hama no Masago"; Fukusuke plays the role of the ashigaru Kinz˘, in reality Yasuda no Sakubei, [casting].

April 1992: great shűmei at the Kabukiza for the Narikomaya and Takasagoya guilds; Nakamura Fukusuke VIII and Nakamura Kotar˘ V respectively take the names of Nakamura Baigyoku IV and Nakamura Fukusuke IX. The new Baigyoku plays in the dramas "Kinkakuji" and "Ise Ond˘ koi no Netaba".

January 1997: t˘shi ky˘gen revival at the National Theatre of the drama "Dan no Ura Kabuto Gunki"; Baigyoku plays the role of Chichibu no Sh˘ji Shigetada [casting].

November 2007: Baigyoku receives the Purple Ribbon Medal (Shijű H˘sh˘ in Japanese), one of the six japanese medals of honor awarded by the Japanese Government to deserving citizens.

October 2014: the October Grand Kabuki at the Kabukiza commemorates the 26th anniversary (27th memorial service) and the 2nd anniversary (3rd memorial service) of late Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XVII and late Nakamura Kanzabur˘ XVIII [more details].


Nakamura Baigyoku IV is one of the best nimaime actors.

The mon of Nakamura Baigyoku IV

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