Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ I
Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ I  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. Disciple of the tachiyaku actor Kamakura Dan'emon, his first stage appearance was recorded in the 11th lunar month of 1694 at the Ichimuraza, where he performed as an oyajigata. He went to ďsaka in Fall 1711 and played the role of Takamatsu Sendayű in the kaomise drama "Futabashira Aioi Ch˘ja", which was coproduced by Ogino Yaegiri I and Miyazaki Denkichi. He stayed in ďsaka for a while, retired from the Kabuki world and went back to Edo, where he died the 21st day of the 11th lunar month of 1718 [1]. He was the father of Ichikawa Danshir˘ II and Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ II. He was also the master of Kamakura Heikur˘ I, whom he met when he performed in ďsaka.

The name of Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ I in the oyajigata section of the 1712 ďsaka hy˘banki (the zone within the red box); Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ I's ranking is j˘-j˘ (superior - superior)

Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ II

The actor Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ II held this name from the 1st lunar month of 1721 to the 12th lunar month of 1722, then from the 11th lunar month of 1723 to 1739 (?).

Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ II playing the role of Rokuj˘ Sukedayű in the kaomise drama "Genji Kumo ďgi no Shiba", which was staged in the 11th lunar month of 1737 at the Ichimuraza

Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ III
Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ III  In Japanese | Sawamura Imaz˘  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. His first stage name was Sawamura Imaz˘ (unknown relationship to the Sawamura clan). He took the name of Kamakura Ch˘kur˘ III around 1773. No more record after 1774. He was a minor katakiyaku actor and his ranking in the 1774 Edo hy˘banki was j˘-(shiro)j˘ (superior - (white) superior). His haimy˘ was Ryűsha.



[1] The 21st day of the 11th lunar month of the 3rd year of the Ky˘h˘ era was the 11th of January 1719 in the western calendar.

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