Stage names:

Nakamura Matsue VI In Japanese
Nakamura Tamatar˘ IV In Japanese

Real name: K˘no Katsuyuki

Guild: Kagaya

Line number: ROKUDAIME (VI)

Birthday: 8 March 1966


Father: Nakamura T˘z˘ VI

Son: Nakamura Tamatar˘ V


April 1976: first appearance on stage at the Kabukiza; he plays in the dance "Kagami Jishi".

November 1976: he takes the name of Nakamura Tamatar˘ IV at the Kabukiza, playing the role of Tsuruchiyo in the play "Meiboku Sendai Hagi".

1998: Tamatar˘ becomes nadai.

April 2006: Nakamura Tamatar˘ IV takes the name of Nakamura Matsue VI at the Kabukiza, playing the roles of Minamoto no Yorihira and Imada Manjir˘ in the dramas "Kanhasshű Tsunagi Uma" and "Ise Ondo Koi no Netaba"; his son makes his first stage apperance, receiving the name of Nakamura Tamatar˘ V and playing the role of the child Umematsu in the former play.

October 2015: production at the National Theatre of "Ise Ondo Koi no Netaba" in a t˘shi ky˘gen production (3 acts; 8 scenes) with the revival of the rarely-staged "Daidaik˘" act; Matsue plays the role of Aburaya Oshika [more details|casting].


Nakamura Matsue VI is a young actor of the Kagaya guild, able to play both male and female second roles.
[More data in Japanese]

The mon of Nakamura Matsue VI

The Nakamura Tamatar˘ line of actors

The Nakamura Matsue line of actors

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