Dance title Hagoromo  In Japanese
Authors Kawatake Shinshichi III (lyrics)
Kishizawa Koshikibu V, Kineya Rokuzaemon XIII, Kineya Kangor˘ V (music)
Hanayagi Jusuke I (choreography)

The dance-drama "Hagoromo", a Kabuki adaptation of the eponymous drama, was premiered in January 1898 at the Kabukiza [casting].

Key words Chűnori
Hagoromo (N˘)
Shinko Engeki Jűsshu

It is a beautiful spring day and the sun is bright on the white sand of Miho beach on the Suruga Bay with Mt. Fuji forming a majestic background. The fisherman Hakury˘ comes by with his fishing rod, searching for the source of the strange sweet fragrance that had struck him from his fishing boat when he was getting near the shore. Presently he comes across a fabulous robe of feathers (hagoromo) hanging on the branch of a pine tree. A beautiful tennyo comes and claims the garment as her own. She had wandered down to earth, and attracted by the beauty of the sea, she had slipped out of her winged cloak to bathe in its clear waters. When the tennyo tries to retrieve the garment, however, Hakury˘ holds her off, saying he is going to keep it as a family treasure. The tennyo bursts into tears, saying she cannot return home to the heavens without her wings. Hakury˘ begins to feel sorry for her and promises to return it to her on condition that she performs a celestial dance for him before she leaves. Happily the tennyo wears the robe of feathers and performs her dance, circling farther and farther away until finally she disappears into the distant sky.


The exit of the tennyo is occasionally done through a chűnori.

The actors Onoe Eizabur˘ V and Onoe Kikugor˘ V playing the roles of the fisherman Hakury˘ and the tennyo in the dance-drama "Hagoromo", which was staged in January 1898 at the Kabukiza (print made by K˘ch˘r˘ H˘sai)

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