The actors Band˘ Iwagor˘ (top;1st from left), Arashi Kichisabur˘ I (top;2nd from left), Yamashita Kamenoj˘ IV (top;2nd from right), Arashi Bungor˘ I (top;1st from right), Sawamura Kunitar˘ I (bottom;1st from left), Arashi Sangor˘ II (bottom;2nd from left), Nakamura Utaemon I (bottom;2nd from right) and Mimasu Tokujir˘ I (bottom;1st from right) playing the roles of Mikenjaku Monpei, Kannera Monpei, the keisei Harusame, Yoshikawa Saemon Kaget˘, the keisei Meigetsu, Sue Yadorinosuke, Amako Haruhisa and the nakai Otoku in the new year ni-no-kawari "Keisei Su˘ no Dairi", which was staged in the 12th lunar month of 1777 in ďsaka at the Naka no Shibai

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