Dance title B˘ Shibari  In Japanese
Authors Okamuro Shik˘ (lyrics)
Kineya Mitar˘ (Music)

The dance-drama "B˘ Shibari" was premiered in January 1916 at the Ichimuraza [casting]. It was a ky˘gen adapted for Kabuki by Okamuro Shik˘ with a Nagauta musical accompaniment written by Kineya Mitar˘.

Key words Matsubamemono

Two servants, Jir˘kaja and Tar˘kaja, have the habit of sneaking a drink of wine every time their master is away. Having had enough, their master ties Jir˘kajaĺs hands to one side of a pole and Tar˘kajaĺs hands to the other side before leaving one day. Using their ingenuity, the two still somehow mange to get a hold of some wine and proceed to get drunkŚall the while tied to the pole. Feeling good, they begin a series of hilarious dances, only to be interrupted by the return of their master and the ensuing commotion.


This piece is among the most popular of the matsubamemono, or Kabuki dances adapted from the original ky˘gen version. With its humorous dialogue and choreography, "B˘ Shibari" produces a lightheartedness which is both gentle and elegant.

A pre-War postcard of the dance "B˘ Shibari" (unknown casting)

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