Real name: Kubo Seiji

Guild: Narikomaya

Birthday: 8 November 1967


Master: Nakamura Shikan VII


March 1988: he graduates from the Actors Training Center of the National Theatre (ninth graduation).

May 1988: he makes his first appearance on stage at the Kabukiza, playing a minor role in the classic "Kanadehon Chűshingura".

September 1988: he becomes disciple of the star Nakamura Shikan VII and receives the name of Nakamura Shinobu.

April 2000: Shinobu becomes nadai and celebrates the event at the Kabukiza, playing the roles of the courtesan Rangiku and the court lady Yoshino in Mishima Yukio's drama "Iwashi Uri Koi no Hikiami" and the dance "Kagami Jishi".

January 2001: Shinobu plays at the Asakusa K˘kaid˘ the role of Oky˘ in the drama "Ichij˘ ďkura Monogatari".

June 2002: Shinobu plays the great role of Chidori in the drama "Shunkan", which is performed at the National Theatre.

July 2003: Shinobu plays the role of Ophelia in a modern version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet", which is staged at the Setagaya Public Theater.


Nakamura Shinobu is a young and talented (more talented than many stars' sons) onnagata of the Narikomaya guild.

For more details and pictures, check his official website:

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