Play title Minowa no Shinjű  In Japanese
Authors Okamoto Kid˘

"Minowa no Shinjű" was premiered in October 1911 at the Meijiza [casting].


"Minowa no Shinjű" is made up of 3 acts, divided into 7 scenes.

Key words Shinkabuki

This play is about the tragic love of Fujieda Geki, a high-ranking hatamoto, and the courtesan Ayaginu. Geki has to fight against the senior members of his family, who criticize his behaviour. As he refuses to make amends, he is strongly pushed to commit seppuku in order to save his honour. Geki disdainfully refuses this final offer from his family and prefers to go to the pleasure quarter to be with Ayaginu. At the end of the play, he has organized the escape of his lover from her brothel and has hidden her in the house of his old wet nurse. The situation is fraught with tension as the henchmen of the brothel are hanging around, looking for Ayaginu. Moreover, Geki is very likely to be exiled to far-off lands. The two lovers finally decide to die together, as an ultimate act of defiance.

Minowa no Shinjű

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