Just like the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, you can find some great Kabuki actors handprints in front of the famous Asakusa Kôkaidô (the Civic Center in Asakusa):

Nakamura Kanzaburô XVII (handprint made in September 1979)

Nakamura Ganjirô II (handprint made in November 1980)

Nakamura Jakuemon IV (handprint made in March 1989)

Nakamura Tomijûrô V (handprint made in March 1990)

Nakamura Shikan VII (handprint made in March 1990)

Nakamura Ganjirô III (handprint made in March 1992)

Nakamura Matagorô II (handprint made in December 1996)

Nakamura Kichiemon II (handprint made in March 1998)

Nakamura Kankurô V (handprint made in March 2000)

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