Pen names:

Katsu Hy˘suke In Japanese
Kameyama Tamesuke In Japanese
Kameyama Monji In Japanese

Existence: 1786 ~ 21st day of the 8th lunar month of 1828 [1]


Father-in-law and master: Tsuruya Nanboku IV


1786: born in Edo.

11th lunar month of 1801: disciple of Katsu Hy˘z˘ I, he receives the name of Kameyama Monji and works at the service of both his master and Segawa Jok˘ II at the Nakamuraza on the kaomise drama "Date D˘gutsui no ďtori", which celebrates the shűmei of Band˘ Hikozaemon I and Yamashita Mansaku.

11th lunar month of 1803: he takes the name of Kameyama Tamesuke and works at the Kawarasakiza on the kaomise drama "Yamato Nishiki Yoshino Dairi".

11th lunar month of 1805: Tamesuke works at the Nakamuraza, at the service of Nagawa Shimesuke I, sakusha Matsushima Hanji I and Katsu Hy˘z˘ I on the kaomise drama "Seiwa Genji Nidai no Yumitori", which celebrated the shűmei of Arashi Ryűz˘ III and welcomed back in Edo ďtani Tomoemon II.

11th lunar month of 1811: Tamesuke becomes sanmaime sakusha at the Ichimuraza.

1813: he gets married with the daughter of Tsuruya Nanboku IV.

11th lunar month of 1813: he takes the name of Katsu Hy˘suke and works on the Nagauta-based dance-drama "Kabuki no Haru Futaba Manzai", which is staged within the kaomise drama "Modoribashi Senani Gohiiki".

11th lunar month of 1816: Hy˘suke becomes nimaime sakusha and works with his master, Sakurada Jisuke II and Segawa Jok˘ II at the Kawarasakiza on the kaomise drama "Kiyomori Eiga no Utena", which also celebrates the shűmei of S˘ry˘ Jinroku II, ďtani Bajű II, Sakata Hanjűr˘, Band˘ Matajűr˘ III, Ichikawa Momotar˘ I, Tsuuchi Monzabur˘ III and Ichikawa Kodanji III.

11th lunar month of 1818: Hy˘suke work with his master at the Tamagawaza on the kaomise drama "Shitenn˘ Ubuyu no Tamagawa", which stars Matsumoto K˘shir˘ V, Ichikawa Danjűr˘ VII, Iwai Hanshir˘ V, Segawa Kikunoj˘ V, Band˘ Hikosabur˘ IV, S˘ry˘ Jinroku II, Ichikawa S˘zabur˘ IV, ďtani Bajű II, Yamashina Jinkichi III and Matsumoto Yonesabur˘ II.

Fall 1821 ~ Fall 1827: Hy˘suke does not work as a sakusha anymore. He sells lottery tags or work without success in the production of dramas in Asakusa.

11th lunar month of 1827: Hy˘suke is back in the Kabuki world and works at the Nakamuraza, along with Katsui Genpachi, Matsuchi Sh˘kichi and Segawa Jok˘ II, on the drama "Kinbusen Yosooi Genji", which celebrates the shűmei of Ichikawa Yaoz˘ V.

21st day of the 8th lunar month of 1828 [1]: Hy˘suke dies in Edo.


Katsu Hy˘suke was an Edo sakusha, who worked for his master Tsuruya Nanboku IV between 1801 and 1821 and in 1827/1828. He died before becoming a tatesakusha. A legend said that he adopted Tsuruya Magotar˘ IV (the future Tsuruya Nanboku V) but this was quite unlikely.

[1] The 21st day of the 8th lunar month of the 11th year of the Bunsei era was the 29th of September 1828 in the western calendar.

The name of Katsu Hy˘suke in a 1828 Edo hy˘banki (the zone within the red shape on the left side of the picture); all the names were the sakusha at the Nakamuraza; the most important ones are Segawa Jok˘ II (center, just under Nakamuraza) and Katsui Genpachi (first from right)

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