Matsumoto Hy˘z˘ (left panel/top/1st from left), Namie Kokan I (left panel/top/2nd from left), ďyama Giemon (left panel/center), Takeshima K˘zaemon I (left panel/bottom/2nd from right), Ichimura Shir˘ji (left panel/bottom/1st from right), Arashi San'emon I (right panel/1st from left) and Mizushima Shirobŕ (right panel/1st from right) on the stage of an ďsaka theater in the 11th lunar month of 1686 (illustration from the 1686 hy˘banki "Naniwa Tachigiki Mukashi Banashi")

Takeshima K˘zaemon I in an illustration from an ďsaka hy˘banki which was published in 1702

The actors Mizuki Kikunoj˘ (first from left), Takeshima K˘zaemon I (bottom/second from left), Sodesaki Karyű (bottom/third from left), Sawai Sonoemon (top/second from left; the murderer), Adachi Sabur˘zaemon (top/third from left; the man being killed), Sawamura Ch˘jűr˘ I (center/second from right), Hashimoto Heisuke (top/first from right), Miyazaki Dannoj˘ (center/first from right) and ??? (bottom/first from right) playing the roles of Princess Aya, Katada Rokurozaemon, Michinoku, Katsumata Gonpei, Tabakoya Kihŕ, Ono no Daigor˘, K˘shitsu, Okuemon and ??? in the san-no-kawari drama "Keisei Yoakegarasu", which was staged in Ky˘to in the 3rd lunar month of 1704

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