The actors Bandô Iwagorô (top;1st from left), Arashi Kichisaburô I (top;2nd from left), Yamashita Kamenojô IV (top;2nd from right), Arashi Bungorô I (top;1st from right), Sawamura Kunitarô I (bottom;1st from left), Arashi Sangorô II (bottom;2nd from left), Nakamura Utaemon I (bottom;2nd from right) and Mimasu Tokujirô I (bottom;1st from right) playing the roles of Mikenjaku Monpei, Kannera Monpei, the keisei Harusame, Yoshikawa Saemon Kagetô, the keisei Meigetsu, Sue Yadorinosuke, Amako Haruhisa and the nakai Otoku in the new year ni-no-kawari "Keisei Suô no Dairi", which was staged in the 12th lunar month of 1777 in Ôsaka at the Naka no Shibai

Mimasu Tokujirô I in an illustration from the book "Yakusha Mono Iwai" (1784)
Copyright © The Trustees of the British Museum

Mimasu Tokujirô I in a print made by Katuskawa Shunkô (1784~1786)

Actor Mimasu Tokujirô I as Hayano Kampei in “Treasury of the 47 Loyal Retainers” (“Kanadehon chûshingura”)
Artist: Katsukawa Shun'ei
Date: 1781–1791
The Art Institute of Chicago (print in the public domain)

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