Band˘ Takejaku I

Unknown actor. Was he a disciple of Band˘ Hikojűr˘ I?

Band˘ Takejaku II
Band˘ Takejaku II  In Japanese | Band˘ Jűzabur˘ II  In Japanese | Band˘ Ukaku  In Japanese | Seki Rikio  In Japanese

Born the 10th of March 1895 in Shizuoka Prefecture. He made his debut on stage in October 1900, in Ky˘to at the Ky˘gokuza, where he received the name of Seki Rikio and played a kamuro role in the drama "Ishii Tsuneemon". He became a disciple of Band˘ Hikojűr˘ II in April 1911 and received the name of Band˘ Ukaku. He took the name of Band˘ Jűzabur˘ II in October 1919 at the Engiza. He officially became nadai and celebrated it in September 1921 at the Imperial Theater, where he took the name of Band˘ Takejaku II. He appeared on stage for the last time in November 1969 at the Kabukiza, where he played the roles of Otsume and a daimy˘ in "Sono Kouta Yume mo Yoshiwara" and "Soga no Taimen" [1]. He suddenly died the 13th of November 1969. Before WW2, he was a mainstay in koshibai venues, like the Kotobukiza in Honjo. After WW2 and the destruction of all theaters, he founded in 1950 a troupe with Band˘ Tsuruz˘ IV, Ichikawa Monzabur˘ III, Matsumoto Komanosuke, Ichikawa Fukunosuke III, Kataoka Uemon II or Sawamura Komondo IV [2]. This troupe was the Katabamiza. They regularly performed at the Sumida Gekij˘, a small theater located at the 6th floor the Matsuya Department Store in Asakusa, or on the 7th floor of the ďji Department Store. After the closure of the Sumida Gekij˘ and the end of the Katabamiza in August 1969, along with Ichikawa Monzabur˘ III, he spent the last year of his career in ˘shibai. Band˘ Takejaku II, who was able to perform a wide range of roles as an onnagata or a tachiyaku, was the last koshibai zagashira. He was recorded as playing the difficult roles of Sodehagi and Sadat˘ in the drama "Sodehagi Saimon" in July 1953, March 1960 and December 1962.

Yag˘ Honmy˘
Otowaya Suzuki Keitar˘

Band˘ Takejaku II playing the role of Okaji in the drama "Natsu Sugata Onna Danshichi", which was staged in July 1961 at the Mitsukoshi Gekij˘



[1] These dramas were staged to celebrate the shűmei of Ichikawa Ebiz˘ X.

[2] Others Katabamiza actors were Ichikawa Joen, Ichikawa Tsurunosuke, Onoe Asanosuke, Sawamura Jűjir˘, Sawamura Kisabur˘, Ichikawa Momonosuke and Sawamura Kameoto.

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