Bandô Shinsha I
Bandô Shinsha I  In Japanese

A minor Meiji actor held the name of Bandô Shinsha I. His relationship to Bandô Hikosaburô V is unknown.

Bandô Shinsha II
Bandô Tsuruzô IV  In Japanese | Bandô Shinsha II  In Japanese | Bandô Tsurumaru  In Japanese

This onnagata actor held the names of Bandô Tsurumaru, Bandô Shinsha II and Bandô Tsuruzô IV. He was one of the leading actors of the koshibai troupe Katabamiza, the last koshibai troupe in Japan, which was active up to 1969. This actor, whose yagô was Otowaya, most likely died in 1957.

Bandô Shinsha II playing the role of Princess Yaegaki in the dance "Kitsunebi",
which was staged in March 1928 at the Miyatoza

Bandô Shinsha III

The actor Bandô Takesaburô V held the name of Bandô Shinsha III from September 1959 to February 1967.

Bandô Shinsha IV

The actor Ichikawa Kudanji IV held the name of Bandô Shinsha IV from April 2005 to January 2014.

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