Tamagawa Sennoj˘ I

The actor Tamagawa Sennoj˘ I held this name from the end of the 1630s to the end of the 1660s.

Tamagawa Sennoj˘ I in 1662

Tamagawa Sennoj˘ II
Tamagawa Sennoj˘ II  In Japanese

Date of birth unknown. Disciple of Tamagawa Sennoj˘ I, he took the name of Tamagawa Sennoj˘ II at an unknown time. His recorded performances occurred in Edo in 1670 and 1671. This wakaonnagata actor died the 14th of the 5th lunar month of 1671 while performing at the Kawarasakiza.

Tamagawa Sennoj˘ III

The actor Tamagawa Sennoj˘ III held this name from the end of the 1670s to the beginning of the 1690s.

Tamagawa Sennoj˘ III

Tamagawa Sennoj˘ IV

The actor Tamagawa Sennoj˘ IV held this name from 1692 to the middle of the 1720s.

Tamagawa Sennoj˘ IV

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