Stage names:

Imamura Motojűr˘ In Japanese
Nakamura Motojűr˘ In Japanese
Imamura Shichisabur˘ I In Japanese
Takahashi Motojir˘ In Japanese
Sakata Hanzabur˘ In Japanese

Poetry name: Riyű

Existence: ???


Relative: Nakamura Shichisabur˘ I


Before 1702: this relative of the stage giant Nakamura Shichisabur˘ I started his career in the Sakata clan. His first stage name was Sakata Hanzabur˘ (relationship to Sakata Hangor˘ I unknown).

11th lunar month of 1702: he took the name of Takahashi Motojir˘ to perform as a wakashugata in Edo at the Nakamuraza.

11th lunar month of 1703: he became wakaonnagata.

1st lunar month of 1708: Motojir˘'s rank in the Edo hy˘banki, wakaonnagata section, was (superior) [visual].

11th lunar month of 1709: Motojir˘ became tachiyaku; he played at the Moritaza the role of Minamoto no Yorinaga in the kaomise drama "Tametomo Furiwakegami", which welcomed in Edo the ďsaka actors Hisamatsu Tasanta and Iwai Tamanoe.

Winter 1711: he took the name of Imamura Shichisabur˘ I.

Fall 1711: Shichisabur˘ went to ďsaka.

11th lunar month of 1711: Shichisabur˘ performed in ďsaka in the kaomise drama "Futabashira Aioi Ch˘ja", which was coproduced by Ogino Yaegiri I and Miyazaki Denkichi.

Fall 1716: Shichisabur˘ went to Edo.

11th lunar month of 1716: Imamura Shichisabur˘ I took the name of Nakamura Motojűr˘ at the Nakamuraza, performing in the kaomise drama "Mitsudomoe Katoku Biraki", which also celebrated the shűmei of Arashi Kiyosabur˘ II.

11th lunar month of 1717: Nakamura Motojűr˘ took the name of Imamura Motojűr˘ at the Moritaza, playing the role of Nitta Yoshisada in the kaomise program "H˘n˘ Taiheiki"; his stage partners were Ichikawa Danjűr˘ II, ďtani Hiroemon I, Ogawa Zengor˘ I, Asao Jűjir˘ I, Hayakawa Dengor˘ and Ichikawa Monnosuke I.

1st lunar month of 1719: Motojűr˘ appeared on stage for the last time, playing at the Moritaza the role of Sasaki Takatsuna in the new year drama "Keisei Murasaki Tazuna".


Imamura Motojűr˘, who was active from the beginning of the 1700s to the end of the 1710s, was a tachiyaku actor and the founder of the Imamura clan. His forte was yatsushigoto and nuregoto. There were some unanswered questions regarding this actor: for the Ritsumeikan University Actors Database, he did not take the names of Nakamura Motojűr˘ or Imamura Motojűr˘ and he died holding the name of Imamura Shichisabur˘ I the 23rd of the 11th lunar month of 1714. We've decided to trust the "Kabuki Jinmei Jiten" for this actor.

Imamura Motojűr˘ playing the role of Nitta Yoshisada in the kaomise program "H˘n˘ Taiheiki", which was staged in the 11th lunar month of 1717 at the Moritaza

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The Imamura Shichisabur˘ line of actors

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