Play title Hatsugasumi Sora-mo Sumiyoshi  In Japanese
Common title Kappore  In Japanese
Author Kawatake Mokuami

Kawatake Mokuami's dance-drama "Hatsugasumi Sora-mo Sumiyoshi" was premiered in January 1886 at the Shintomiza.

Key words Asakusa
Gannin Bôzu
Ise Ondo
Kappore Odori
Sumiyoshi Odori

Due to the exceeding popularity of kappore odori at the time (1886), it also came to be incorporated into Kabuki in the form of this dance as well as the costuming and manners of the kappore performers, who are dressed in white, have yellow cloth coverings on the heads and wear sandals with red straps. They carry a two-tier parasol and keep time with clappers as they dance in a humorous manner. "Kappore" adds other little bits besides the kappore odori, much of it improvised for the occasion, including humorous skits and the like all in a light and festive mood. The scene is set in Asakusa. They dance Ise Ondo, a dance popular in Ise. It is followed by "Ôtsue", a dance that describes the subjects of ôtsue or pictures from Ôtsu on the shore of Lake Biwa. These subjects include the Wisteria Maiden (fuji), a blind masseur whose loincloth is being unwound by a dog, and a ferocious demon. The first section ends with the lively "yakkosan with a courtesan beckoning a yakko. This is followed by a serious of mildly comic lyrics which leads into the dance fukagawa bushi which evokes the courtesans in the spirited Fukagawa section of Edo where the customers travel to assignations in little boats. Finally the entire cast joins in dancing kappore odori with a variety of movements including a dance-like fight.

The actors Ichikawa Kodanji V (left print/left), Nakamura Nakatarô II (left print/right), Ichikawa Ebizô VIII (right print/left), Nakamura Tsuruzô II (right print/bottom left) and Ichikawa Danjûrô IX (right print/right) performing in the dance-drama "Hatsugasumi Sora-mo Sumiyoshi", which was staged in January 1886 at the Shintomiza (print made by Toyohara Kunichika)

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