Nakayama Isshi I

The actor Nakayama Nanshi II held the name of Nakayama Isshi I from the second half of the 1810s to the 10th lunar month of 1831.

Nakayama Isshi II
Nakayama Isshi II  In Japanese | Arashi Hinaji  In Japanese

Born the 13th of March 1926 in the Ôsaka Prefecture. Disciple of Arashi Hinasuke X, he started his career in March 1949, receiving the name of Arashi Hinaji and playing at the Minamiza the role of a koshimoto in the drama "Arima no Neko". He became nadai in September 1959 and took the name of Nakayama Isshi II in August 1971 at the Minamiza. His goal was to take the name of Nakayama Nanshi III, to revive a prestigious line (Nakayama Nanshi II was the last great Kamigata onnagata of the Edo period). This talented Kamigata supporting onnagata unfortunately died too young, before realizing his dream shûmei, the 14th of May 1977.

Honmyô Yagô
Ueno ??? Daikokuya

Nakayama Isshi II playing the role of Masaoka in the drama "Meiboku Sendai Hagi"

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