Play title Hade Kurabe Ishikawa-zome  In Japanese
Common title Ishida no Tsubone  In Japanese
Authors Chikamatsu Tokuz˘
Tatsuoka Mansaku
Namiki Sh˘z˘ II

The san-no-kawari drama "Hade Kurabe Ishikawa-zome", written by Chikamatsu Tokuz˘, Tatsuoka Mansaku and Namiki Sh˘z˘ II, was premiered at the Kado no Shibai in the 4th lunar month of 1796 [casting]. Arashi Koroku III was supposed to play the roles of Ishikawa Goemon, Ishida-no-Tsubone and Rikyű but he died the 29th day of the 3rd lunar month of 1796. He was replaced by his son Arashi Hinasuke II. The play was a huge success and was staged in ďsaka from the 1st day of the 4th lunar month up to the 17th day of the 5th lunar month. Then, the troupe moved to Ky˘to to perform it at the Kitagawa no Shibai from the 19th day of the 5th lunar month to the last third of the 7th lunar month.

The 2nd act, focusing on Ishida-no-Tsubone, was sometimes staged independently. The star Kataoka Nizaemon XI decided to add the role of Ishida-no-Tsubone to his collection of favourite roles (Kataoka Jűnishű).

This drama unfortunately fell into oblivion (no record post-WWII) but it has a huge potential for a revival at the National Theatre in the future to come!


The original drama was in 6 acts.

Key words Ishikawa Goemon
Kataoka Jűnishű
Mashiba Hisatsugu
Yodomachi Gozen

The cover of the ezukushi banzuke for the staging of the drama "Hade Kurabe Ishikawa-zome" in the 5th of 1796 in Ky˘to at the Kitagawa no Shibai with Arashi Hinasuke II (top/center), Nakayama Bunshichi II (bottom/center), Yoshizawa Iroha I (bottom/left) and Sawamura Kunitar˘ I (bottom/right) in the roles of Ishida-no-Tsubone, Mashiba Hisatsugu, Ishida's daughter Takigawa and Yodomachi Gozen

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