Stage names:

Ichimura Uzaemon III
Ichimura Takenoj˘

Line number: SANDAIME (III)

Existence: 1628 ~ 24th day of the 7th lunar month of 1686


Master: Murayama Matasabur˘ I

Nephew and adopted son: Ichimura Takenoj˘ I (Uzaemon IV)


1628 ~ 1641: born in the village of Ichimura Shizuma in the province of J˘shű. He goes to Edo and becomes a disciple of Murayama Matasabur˘ I. He takes the names of Ichimura Takenoj˘ and Ichimura Uzaemon at unknown dates.

10th lunar month of 1641: Murayama Matasabur˘ I retires, entrusting the management of the Murayamaza to his son-in-law Murata Kuroemon, who is helped by Uzaemon.

1643: the Murayamaza is renamed Ichimuraza.

1651: the Ichimuraza moves from the district of Kamisakai-ch˘ to the district of Fukiya-ch˘.

6th day of the 3rd lunar month of 1652: Murayama Matasabur˘ I dies.

7th lunar month of 1652: Wakashű Kabuki ("Boy Kabuki") is forbidden by the Shogunal authorities.

2nd day of the 8th lunar month of 1652: Murata Kuroemon dies; Uzaemon becomes the official manager of the theater and works in collaboration with Mikuni Hikosaku I.

3rd lunar month of 1653: Yar˘ Kabuki (Adult Kabuki) is authorized by the Shogunal authorities.

18th day of the 1st lunar month of 1657: a fire breaks out in the Honmy˘ji temple in the district of Hong˘ and devastates Edo. All the Kabuki theaters are destroyed by the flames. This fire is nicknamed "furisode kaji" (the "long-sleeve fire").

Beginning of the 1660's: Uzaemon summons Ky˘to young actors to perform in his theater. He also starts to work with the playwright Miyako Dennai to produce dramas in several acts, which would be staged for a full day.

1664: Uzaemon retires to become a priest; his adopted son Ichimura Takenoj˘ I becomes the zamoto of the Ichimuraza, managing it in collaboration with Tamagawa Shuzen I, the zamoto of the Tamagawaza.

24th day of the 7th lunar month of 1686: he dies in Edo.


Ichimura Uzaemon III was the third zamoto of the Ichimuraza. He managed his theater for 12 years. He was the first person to really hold the name of Ichimura Uzaemon but it was decided to posthumously give the names of Ichimura Uzaemon I and Ichimura Uzaemon II to Murayama Matasabur˘ I and Murata Kuroemon. He used 3 different ways to write his name:

Classic writing Temporary writing 1 Temporary writing 2
市村宇左衛門 一村宇左衛門 市村卯左衛門

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