Play titles Tobae  In Japanese
Onagori Oshie no Mazebari  In Japanese
Authors Sakurada Jisuke II (lyrics)
Kiyozawa Mankichi (music)
Fujima Kansuke (choreography)

The actor Nakamura Shikan I, who was about to travel back to his native Kamigata, performed his onagori kygen in the 9th lunar month of 1819 at the Nakamuraza, which included a spectacular 9-role hengemono which was entitled "Onagori Oshie no Mazebari". One of these roles survived and became the independent dance "Tobae".

Key words Shosagoto

"Tobae" is a witty cartoon set in the Edo period, that mimics the style of "Caricatures of Birds and Beasts" drawn by Toba Sj, the father of Japanese cartoons. In this "Tobae", a naked man is in the kitchen running after a mouse holding a wooden measuring utensil. Next to him is a wooden pestle with wings flying through the air. This comical scene is brought to life in this dance.

Source: Nihon Buy

Nakamura Shikan I performing "Tobae" in the 9th lunar month of 1819 at the Nakamuraza
(print made by Utagawa Toyokuni I)

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