Dance titles Shiokumi  In Japanese
Shichimai Tsuzuki Hana no Sugatae  In Japanese
Authors Sakurada Jisuke II (lyrics)
Kineya Sh˘jir˘ II (music)
Fujima Kanjűr˘ I (choreography)

The actor Band˘ Mitsugor˘ III performed in the 3rd lunar month of 1811 at the Ichimuraza a 7-role hengemono, which was entitled "Shichimai Tsuzuki Hana no Sugatae". One of these seven roles was a salt-making girl. This role became an independent dance, staged under the title "Shiokumi".

Key words Ariwara Yukihira

The dance is about the shiokumi Matsukaze, a "salt-scooper" who carries seawater for the purpose of making salt. She appears on stage very richly dressed, wearing opulently embroidered garments, a beautiful cloak and a courtier's gold hat (eboshi), which ought to belong to her lover, Ariwara no Yukihira. She carries a pair of pails, painted with waves, on a yoke across her back. The poet Ariwara no Yukihira was exiled to the seashore of Suma, where he had a love affair with two shiokumi sisters, Matsukaze and Murasame. Ariwara no Yukihira was forgiven by the Imperial court and finally left Suma for the Imperial Capital Ky˘to. Matsukaze dances to the memory of the poet and expresses her longing for him. In the end, her dancing recalls the sweet memories she had with him.

The actor Band˘ Shűka I performing a shiokumi role in a dance, which was staged in the 7th lunar month of 1847 at the Ichimuraza (print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III)

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