Stage names:

Arashi Rikan V In Japanese
Arashi Tokusabur˘ V In Japanese
Arashi Wasabur˘ III In Japanese
Arashi Hidejir˘ In Japanese

Real name: Asakawa Iwagor˘

Guild: Hamuraya

Line number: GODAIME (V)

Poetry name: Shishi

Existence: 11th day of the 3rd lunar month of 1871 ~ 6 September 1920


Grandfather (???): Arashi Kitsusabur˘ I (Arashi Rikan I)

Adoptive father: Arashi Rikan IV

Disciple: Arashi Tokusabur˘ VI


3rd lunar month of 1871: born in ďsaka in the pleasures district of S˘emon-ch˘. His father was a wealthy ďsaka merchant, who was a patron of the actor Arashi Rikan IV. It was said that one of his grandfathers was none other than the great actor Arashi Kitsusabur˘ I.

1875: the family business went bankrupt and he was adopted by Arashi Rikan IV.

1876: first stage appearance, at the Nakaza, where he received the name of Arashi Hidejir˘ and performed in the drama "Keisei Awa no Naruto".

September 1881: Arashi Hidejir˘ took the name of Arashi Wasabur˘ III at the Ichimuraza, performing with his adoptive father in the drama "Seki-ga-Hara T˘zai Gunki".

June 1882: premiere at the Saruwakaza of Kawatake Mokuami's Nagauta-based matsubamemono "Imay˘ Mochizuki" (commonly called "Mochizuki"); Wasabur˘ played the role of Hanawaka [casting].

December 1888: Arashi Wasabur˘ III took the name of Arashi Tokusabur˘ V at the Kitagawa no Shibai.

Summer 1890: Tokusabur˘ and his lover elope to T˘ky˘ after a quarrel with his adoptive father. This affair caused quite a stir in ďsaka. Tokusabur˘ went back to ďsaka in August and reconciled with Arashi Rikan IV thanks to the efforts of both Kataoka Gad˘ III and Ichikawa Udanji I.

31 May 1894: his adoptive father Arashi Rikan IV died.

July 1903: Tokusabur˘ played at the Bentenza (ďsaka) the role of Tamate Gozen in the drama "Sesshű Gapp˘-ga-Tsuji"; his stage partners were Arashi Kitsusabur˘ IV (Gapp˘) and Kataoka Gad˘ IV (Takayasu Shuntokumaru).

August 1904: Tokusabur˘ played at the Kadoza the role of S˘shichi in the drama "Koi Minato Hakata no Hitofushi"; his stage partners were Jitsukawa Enjaku II (Kezori) and Nakamura Shibajaku IV (the courtesan Kojor˘).

November 1911: Tokusabur˘ played at the Nakaza the role of Princess Yaegaki in the "Jusshuk˘" scene of the drama "Honch˘ Nijűshik˘"; his stage partners were Jitsukawa Enjaku II (Katsuyori) and Nakamura Naritar˘ I (Nureginu).

January 1916: Tokusabur˘ played at the Naniwaza (ďsaka) the role of T˘kichi in the drama "Kinkakuji"; his stage partners were Arashi Gansh˘ (Daizen) and Kataoka Gad˘ IV (Princess Yuki). This play was staged with the same casting in April at the Suehiroza (Nagoya).

May 1918: Arashi Tokusabur˘ V took the name of Arashi Rikan V at the Nakaza.

December 1919: Rikan played at the Naniwaza (ďsaka) the roles of Kakogawa Honz˘, Okaru, Ishid˘ Umanoj˘ and Momonoi Wakasanosuke in the classic "Kanadehon Chűshingura".

6 September 1920: Rikan died in ďsaka.


Arashi Rikan V was a talented kaneru yakusha, who was very popular in Kamigata and proved that he was the worthy heir of a distinguished line of actors. He retired in Ky˘to in the middle of the nineties (of the 19th century) but his numerous fans succeeded in calling him back on stage. He played in many new played in his latter years. He was nicknamed kakeochi yakusha ("the elopement actor") because of the 1890 love affair.

Arashi Rikan V

Print made by Morikawa Chikashige in 1882

Print made by Toyohara Kunichika in 1883

The Arashi Wasabur˘ line of actors

The Arashi Tokusabur˘ line of actors

The Arashi Rikan line of actors

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