The actors Iwai Kumesabur˘ III and Kataoka Gad˘ II playing the roles of Shinanoya Ohan and Obiya Ch˘emon in the drama "Sanze S˘enishi no Oguruma", which was staged in the 8th lunar month of 1856 at the Nakamuraza (print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III)

The actors Sawamura Gennosuke I (top) and Onoe Eizabur˘ I (bottom) playing the roles of Obiya Ch˘emon and Shinanoya Ohan in the drama "Kinryűzan Makura no Ishizue", which was staged in the 9th lunar month of 1807 at the Ichimuraza (print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III)

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