Nakamura Momosa I

The actor Nakamura Tomosa II held the name of Nakamura Momosa I from 1812 to the 12th lunar month of 1830.

Nakamura Momosa 1.2
Nakamura Momosa  In Japanese

A minor jitsuaku actor held the name of Nakamura Momosa in Nagoya at the Tachibana no Shibai around 1837 and 1838.

Nakamura Momosa II
Nakamura T˘z˘  In Japanese | Nakamura Momosa II  In Japanese | Ichikawa Ensh˘ I  In Japanese | Ichikawa Tomonosuke  In Japanese

Unknown dates of birth (in Kamigata) and death. His first stage names were Ichikawa Tomonosuke and Ichikawa Ensh˘ I. He became a disciple of Nakamura Tomosa II in 1854 and received the name of Nakamura Momosa II. He left ďsaka for Edo at the end of the 1850s or the very beginning of the 1860s (after the death of his master the 16th day of the 3rd lunar month of 1861 ?). He took the name of Nakamura T˘z˘ in the 8th lunar month of 1864 in Edo at the Ichimuraza and his name disappeared afterwards from theater playbills. He was, just like his master, a d˘kegata and hand˘gataki but never really achieved any fame for himself.

Yag˘ Haimy˘
Ky˘ya T˘shi, T˘sha

Sawamura Tanosuke III (top/left) and Nakamura Momosa II (bottom/right) playing the roles of Yaoya Oshichi and Bench˘ in a print made by Utagawa Toyokuni III in 1861

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