Stage names:

Matsumoto Kozaemon In Japanese
Yamazaki Kozaemon In Japanese
Yamazaki Kodayű In Japanese

Existence: ???


Master: Matsumoto Nazaemon III


Before 1687: born and trained in Kamigata. His first stage name was Yamazaki Kodayű. He was called by Hisamatsu Koshir˘, who was said to be one of his relatives.

8th lunar month of 1687: Kodayű, along with Band˘ Matatar˘ I, Kokon Shinzaemon, Takimoto Kinnosuke, Takimoto Kingo, Akashi Sennosuke, Murayama Manzabur˘, Hanamura Kinue, Katayama Shinz˘, Sakurai Kaheiji and others, was invited to perform at the Edo mansion of the daimy˘ Matsudaira Yamato-no-Kami (the kami of the Yamato province).

1687 ~ 1692: he performed in Edo as a wakaonnagata.

1694 (?): he settled in Ky˘to and took the name of Yamazaki Kozaemon.

1st lunar month of 1695: Kozaemon performed in Ky˘to at Hayagumo Ch˘dayű's theater in Chikamatsu Monzaemon's drama "Ima Genji Rokujűj˘".

1698: Kozaemon settled in ďsaka, where he became a disciple of Matsumoto Nazaemon III, received the name of Matsumoto Kozaemon and performed as a kashagata.

1st lunar month of 1700: Kozaemon played the role of a k˘shitsu in the new year drama "Kamakura Sh˘gatsu Tsukai", which was produced in ďsaka by Arashi San'emon II.

11th lunar month of 1706: Kozaemon played in ďsaka a role of midaidokoro in the kaomise drama "Daimy˘ Ch˘h˘ki", which was produced by Arashi San'emon III.

11th lunar month of 1710: Kozaemon played in ďsaka a role of k˘shitsu in the kaomise drama "Shinzome Hinagata Ch˘ja".

11th lunar month of 1711: Kozaemon played in ďsaka the role of Daihachi's mother in the kaomise drama "Daimy˘ Hitachi Obi", which was produced by Arashi San'emon III.

1st lunar month of 1712: Kozaemon played in the same theater the role of Ninomiya's elder sister in the new year drama "Soga Furiwake Gami".

3rd lunar month of 1712: Kozaemon's rank in the ďsaka hy˘banki, kashagata section, was (superior) [visual]. No record afterwards.


Matsumoto Kozaemon was a kashagata actor, who was born and trained in Kamigata, spent the first half of his career in Edo and spent the second half of his career in ďsaka. He was active from the second half of the 1680s to the beginning of the 1710s.

Mitsuyama Shichisabur˘ (left), Matsumoto Kozaemon (center) and Takeshima K˘jűr˘ (right) playing the roles of Daihachi, Daihachi's mother and Oki-no-Ishi Banzaemon in the kaomise drama "Daimy˘ Hitachi Obi", which was staged in the 11th lunar month of 1711 in ďsaka

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