Important: the line was divided into 2 branches, one related to the Narikomaya/Shinkomaya guilds and the other, from the 2nd to the 4th actors, to the Takasagoya guild (Nakamura Baigyoku line of actors). As a result of this division, two actors held the name of Nakamura Masajirô II (not as the same times but at different times).

Nakamura Masajirô I (Narikomaya/Shinkomaya)

The actor Nakamura Fukusuke II held the name of Nakamura Masajirô I from 1848 to the 7th lunar month of 1861.

Nakamura Masajirô I playing the role of Nagoya Sanza in the drama "Keisei Shina Sadame", which was staged in the 3rd lunar month of 1860 at the Inari Shibai in Ôsaka (print made by Hasegawa Munehiro)

Nakamura Masajirô II (Narikomaya)

The actor Nakamura Juzô held the name of Nakamura Masajirô II from 1862 to 1868.

Nakamura Masajirô II (Takasagoya)

The actor Nakamura Baigyoku III held the name of Nakamura Masajirô II from September 1880 to September 1907.

Nakamura Masajirô III (Takasagoya)

The actor Nakamura Fukusuke V held the name of Nakamura Masajirô III from May 1916 to December 1934.

Nakamura Masajirô III playing the role of Takechi Mitsuhide

Nakamura Masajirô IV (Takasagoya)
Nakamura Masajirô IV  In Japanese

Born in 1936. Son of Nakamura Fukusuke V, he made his debut on stage in December 1946 at the Minamiza, where he received the name of Nakamura Masajirô IV and played the roles of Ishigami (the spirit of a sacred stone, in reality a young page) and Kuzu-no-Ha's son in "Tsuchi-gumo" and "Kuzu-no-Ha" (the role of Kuzu-no-Ha in the latter drama was performed by Nakamura Baigyoku III). No record of stage performance after 1963. Unknown day of death.

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