The onomatopoeia for the sound of the pole striking the floor

Takashimaya is the name of a famous department stores chain in Japan - it looks like an actor yagô

A bag from the Takashimaya Department Store

Otowaya is in fact the yagô of the Onoe Kikugorô and Bandô Hikosaburô lines of actors

The onomatopoeia for the sound of the actor rushing on the hanamichi
Takashimaya is actually a yagô (the Ichikawa Sadanji lines of actor) but only Kabuki aficionados know about it, for most of Japanese people it is a department store
Obatarian put her parcels on the hanamichi of the Kabukiza

Obatarian is the nickname of the old lady responsible for the collapse of the actor on the hanamichi of the Kabukiza

The old lady is Obatarian, the main character of the eponymous Manga series, which was created by Hotta Katsuhiko and was published in Japan from 1988 to 1998. The pejorative word obatarian is a pun between the Japanese word obâsan (old lady) and the English word battalion. Obatarian are known to always enter a train running as fast as they can, bumping others people in order to catch a free seat before the others. They are fearless and pitiless, just like a battalion of barbarians.

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