Kataoka Shimanoj˘ I
Kataoka Shimanoj˘ I  In Japanese

A disciple of Kataoka Shimanosuke held the name of Kataoka Shimanoj˘ I during the Meiji era. He was active between 1864 and 1889. No record afterwards.

Kataoka Shimanoj˘ II
Kataoka Shimanoj˘ II  In Japanese | Kataoka K˘jir˘  In Japanese

Born in Ky˘to the 21st of January 1950. He became a disciple of Kataoka Takao in May 1978 and made his debut on stage in June 1978 at the Shinbashi Enbuj˘, where he received the name of Kataoka K˘jir˘ and played the role of a boatman in the drama "Sakaro". He became nadai and celebrated it in June 2000 at the Kabukiza, where he took the name of Kataoka Shimanoj˘ II and performed in "Banch˘ Sarayashiki", "ďtsue D˘j˘ji" and "Chijimiya Shinsuke". He is an onnagata supporting actor.

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Kamata Motoi http://www.shimanojou.jp/ Sakuragiya

The mon of Kataoka Shimanoj˘ II

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