Play title K˘ya Monogurui  In Japanese
Authors Kimura Tomiko (lyrics)
Hanayagi Jusuke II (choreography)

Kimura Tomiko's dance-drama "K˘ya Monogurui" was premiered in November 1927 at the Hong˘za. It was a drama adapted for Kabuki, which mixed Nagauta and Gidayű musical accompaniments [casting].

Key words En'˘ Jűshu
Nanbokuch˘ Jidai

Hiramatsu Saken, a general from the province of Hitachi and at the service of the Nitta faction, died in battle against the victorious Ashikaga force at the end of the Nanbokuch˘ period, but is survived by his small son Hiramatsu Shunmitsu who has taken refuge at a monastery on Mount K˘ya disguised as a temple boy named Hanawakamaru. He is seen as he comes to offer prayers before a statue of jiz˘, carrying a bucket with offertory flowers in it, when a group of village children come running by. The village children are teasing a man who has come rambling by, evidently not quite of right mind. The man is carrying a bright garment over his shoulder, and after a while starts to weep at the persistent teasing of the children. Hanawakamaru takes pity and draws near to comfort him. The man appears to recover his senses for an instant as he gazes at Hanawakamaru's face. He is in reality none other than Takashi Shir˘, a loyal retainer who has been searching for his former master's lost son Harumitsu. The two recognize each other and join hands in emotional reunion. But in the meantime the enemy Ashikaga has got wind of Harumitsu's whereabouts, and pursuers come up to the mountain monastery to spirit him away. However, Takashi Shir˘, once again putting on his air of insanity, skillfully fights off the attackers. Then wrapping the colorful garment he has brought with him around the boy, he protectively escorts him away from the danger site.

The actors Nakamura Kotar˘ III (left) and Ichikawa Ennosuke II (right) playing the roles of Hanawakamaru (in reality Hiramatsu Shunmitsu) and Takashi Shir˘ in the dance-drama "K˘ya Monogurui", which was staged in November 1927 at the Hong˘za

The actor Ichikawa Ennosuke II playing the role of Takashi Shir˘ in the dance-drama "K˘ya Monogurui", which was staged in November 1936 at the T˘ky˘ Gekij˘

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