Matsumoto Kintarô I

The actor Ichikawa Danjûrô XI held the name of Matsumoto Kintarô I from January 1915 to March 1929.

Matsumoto Kintarô I (left) and Matsumoto Kôshirô VII (right) playing the roles of Kaidômaru and Yamanba in the dance-drama "Yamanba", which was staged in January 1915 at the Imperial Theater

Matsumoto Kintarô II

The actor Matsumoto Hakuô II held the name of Matsumoto Kintarô II from May 1946 to August 1949.

Matsumoto Kintarô III

The actor Matsumoto Kôshirô X held the name of Matsumoto Kintarô III from 1978 to September 1981.

Matsumoto Kintarô IV

The actor Ichikawa Somegorô VIII held the name of Matsumoto Kintarô IV from June 2009 to December 2017.

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