Kawarasaki Gonzaburô I

Kawarasaki Gonzaburô I was the first name of the Kawarasakiza zamoto Kawarasaki Gonnosuke VI.

Kawarasaki Gonzaburô II

Kawarasaki Gonjûrô II never held the name of Kawarasaki Gonzaburô II but he was nevertheless considered as the second in this line of actors.

Kawarasaki Gonzaburô III
Kawarasaki Gonzaburô III  In Japanese | Ichikawa Kaoru II  In Japanese

Born in 1902. Elder son of Kawarasaki Gonjûrô II, he made his debut on stage in June 1912 at the Tôkyôza, where he received the name of Ichikawa Kaoru II. He took the name of Kawarasaki Gonzaburô III in April 1925 and held it up to his death the 15th of September 1930. He did not hold the name but was considered also as being Ichikawa Gonzaburô III.

Yagô Honmyô
Yamazakiya Nagatani Yoshio
Kawarasaki Gonzaburô IV

The actor Kawarasaki Gonjûrô III held the name of Kawarasaki Gonzaburô IV from May 1946 to April 1956.

The mon of Kawarasaki Gonzaburô IV

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