Kataoka Gakusabur˘ I

The actor Kataoka Ichiz˘ III held the name of Kataoka Gakusabur˘ I from 1866 to 1869.

Kataoka Gakusabur˘ II

The actor Kataoka Ainosuke V held the name of Kataoka Gakusabur˘ II from January 1924 to March 1943.

Nakamura Kotar˘ III (left), Kataoka Gat˘ IV (center) and Kataoka Gakusabur˘ II (right) playing the roles of Osato, Gonta and Okura in the drama "Sushiya", which was staged in July 1933 at the T˘ky˘ Gekij˘

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