Stage name:

Ichikawa Emino In Japanese

Real name: Kojima Yutaka

Guild: Omodakaya

Birthday: 31 March 1979


Masters: Ichikawa Ennosuke IV, Ichikawa En'˘ II (Ichikawa Ennosuke III)


31 March 1979: born in Okaya in Nagano Prefecture. His mother is a dance teacher of the Murasaki branch of the famous Fujima school of Buy˘.

1983: he started learning Buy˘.

1991: as a Buy˘ dancer, he received the name of Fujima Minosuke.

1997: he became a disciple of Ichikawa Ennosuke III.

July 1997: he received the name of Ichikawa Emino and made his debut on stage (hatsubutai) at the Kabukiza, where he performed a nakai role in the drama "Natsu Matsuri Naniwa Kagami". He also performed 3 roles in the drama "T˘ryű Oguri Hangan".

November 2012: Emino played at the Meijiza the role of Princess Ich˘-no-Mae in the drama "Keisei Hangonk˘".

January 2013: Emino became nadai and celebrated it at the Sh˘chikuza, where he played the roles of Nishiki-no-Mae and the koshimoto Momiji in "Kenuki" and "Shi-no-Kiri". These dramas were staged to celebrate the shűmei of Ichikawa En'˘ II, Ichikawa Ennosuke IV and Ichikawa Chűsha IX in ďsaka.


Ichikawa Emino is a young and talented actor of the Omodakaya guild.

For more details and pictures, check his official website: www.ichikawa-emino.com

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