The Tôkaidô (literally the "Eastern Sea Route") was the most important communication road built by the Tokugawa Shogunate:

"From Edo it led down the magnificent Pacific coast, where mountains meet suddenly with ocean to form some of the most fascinating natural scenery imaginable. Midway it turned inland, crossed through a range of majestic snow-capped mountains, and passed the beautiful Lake Biwa before reaching Kyôto. This was one of a number of highways built by the Tokugawa government to facilitate administration. It was always kept in good condition, and stopping places, or "stages," were maintained at fifty-three points along the way." (Takahashi Seiichirô and Charles Terry in "Andô Hiroshige")

Latest update: 2006-11-30
  First Station: SHINAGAWA
  4th Station: HODOGAYA
  5th Station: TOTSUKA
  6th Station: FUJISAWA
  8th Station: ÔISO
  9th Station: ODAWARA
  10th Station: HAKONE
  11th Station: MISHIMA
12th Station: NUMAZU
  14th Station: YOSHIWARA
  15th Station: KAMBARA
  18th Station: EJIRI
  21st Station: OKABE
  22nd Station: FUJIEDA
  23rd Station: SHIMADA
  26th Station: KAKEGAWA
  27th Station: FUKUROI
  29th Station: HAMAMATSU
30th Station: MAISAKA
  31th Station: ARAI
  33th Station: FUTAGAWA
  34th Station: YOSHIDA
37th Station: FUJIKAWA
  38th Station: OKAZAKI
  39th Station: CHIRIFU
  41st Station: MIYA
  46th Station: KAMEYAMA
  48th Station: SAKA NO SHITA
  49th Station: TSUCHIYAMA
  52nd Station: KUSATSU
  53rd Station: ÔTSU
  Final destination: KYÔTO
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