Onoe Tatsunosuke 0.1

The actor Onoe Eizabur˘ IV held the name of Onoe Tatsunosuke when he was a young boy.

Onoe Tatsunosuke I

The actor Onoe Tatsunosuke I held this name from May 1965 to March 1987.

Onoe Tatsunosuke I playing the role of Ono no Sadakur˘ in the 5th act of "Kanadehon Chűshingura"
Print courtesy of Castle Fine Arts, Inc. (all rights reserved)

Onoe Tatsunosuke II

The actor Onoe Sh˘roku IV held the name of Onoe Tatsunosuke II from May 1991 to April 2002.

The mon of Onoe Tatsunosuke II

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