Nakamura Tanetarô I

The actor Bandô Shûka II held the name of Nakamura Tanetarô I from 1851 to 1865.

Nakamura Tanetarô 1.2

The actor Nakamura Tamanosuke IV held the name of Nakamura Tanetarô between 1858 and 1859. He was never considered as an official holder of the name.

Nakamura Tanetarô II

The actor Nakamura Tokizô II held the name of Nakamura Tanetarô II from April 1884 to February 1902.

Nakamura Tanetarô II performing the role of Katsuyori in the "Jusshukô" scene of the drama "Honchô Nijûshikô" (print made by Toyohara Kunichika)

Nakamura Tanetarô III

The actor Nakamura Kashô II held the name of Nakamura Tanetarô III from May 1936 to March 1953.

Nakamura Tanetarô IV

The actor Nakamura Kashô IV held the name of Nakamura Tanetarô IV from June 1994 to August 2011.

Nakamura Tanetarô V

The actor Nakamura Tanetarô V is the current holder of the name since September 2022.

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