Sawamura S˘nosuke I

The actor Sawamura S˘nosuke I held this name from August 1889 to April 1924.

Sawamura S˘nosuke I performing the role of Tonami in the drama "Terakoya"

Sawamura S˘nosuke II

Born in T˘ky˘ in the district of Asakusa the 1st of July 1918. Son of Sawamura S˘nosuke I, he made his debut on stage in April 1921 at the Imperial Theater, where he took the name of Sawamura Keinosuke. His father died at the age of 38 the 8th of April 1924 and the young Keinosuke was quickly led to succeed to his father. He took the name of Sawamura S˘nosuke II in October 1924 at the Imperial Theater, performing in the drama "Genji Jűnidan". He became a movies and TV series actor in the 1950s. He died the 3rd of November 1978.

Yag˘ Honmy˘
Kinokuniya It˘ Keinosuke

Sawamura S˘nosuke II

Sawamura S˘nosuke III

The actor Sawamura S˘nosuke III is the current holder of the name since September 1999.

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