Attention: the "Kabuki Jinmei Jiten" considered that Itô Kodayű I and Itô Kodayű II were in fact the same person. The "New Kabuki Encyclopedia" listed four actors who held the name of Itô Kodayű.


Itô Kodayű I

The founder of the line Itô Kodayű I was active in the 1650s and the 1660s.

Itô Kodayű I as depicted in an illustration from the book "Yarô Daibutsushi" (1668)

Itô Kodayű II

The actor Itô Kodayű II held this name from the beginning of the Enpô era to the beginning of the Genroku era.

Itô Kodayű II in an ilustration from the book "Hana no Edo Kabuki Nendaiki"

Itô Kodayű III
Itô Kodayű III  In Japanese

Dates of birth and death unknown. This disciple in Kamigata of Itô Kodayű II settled in Edo in 1692, where he performed as a wakaonnagata. He went back to Kamigata at an unknown date. He performed in the 1st lunar month of 1701 in Ôsaka in the new year ni-no-kawari drama "Keisei Mandôe", which was produced by Kamogawa Noshio I. No record afterwards.

Itô Kodayű III in an ilustration from the book "Hana no Edo Kabuki Nendaiki"

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