Nakamura Karoku I
  The actor Nakamura Karoku I held this name from the 3rd lunar month of 1804 to the 7th lunar month of 1859.

 Nakamura Karoku I in the drama "Keisei Kuruwa Ômon" staged in the 1st lunar month of 1823 in Ôsaka at the Kado no Shibai

Nakamura Karoku II
  The actor Bandô Shûka II held the name of Nakamura Karoku II from March 1873 to April 1874.

The actors Nakamura Tokizô I (Karoku III) (bottom/left) and Nakamura Karoku II (top/right) in a print made by Toyohara Kunichika in 1874

Nakamura Karoku III
  The actor Nakamura Karoku III held this name from April 1909 to May 1919.
Nakamura Karoku IV
  The actor Nakamura Kashô II posthumously received the name of Nakamura Karoku IV.
Nakamura Karoku V
  The actor Nakamura Karoku V is the current holder of the name since June 1981.
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