Ichikawa Seiko I
Ichikawa Seiko I [1]  In Japanese | Ichikawa Kokingo  In Japanese

Born the 25th of October 1926 in Ôsaka in Minami-Horie in Nishi Ward. He started his career at a young age, in 1934, as a disciple of Ichikawa Kodayû II. He made his debut on stage in November 1936, in Ôsaka at the Nakaza, where he received the name of Ichikawa Kokingo and played the role of the decchi Chôta in the dance-drama "Noriaibune". He was a soldier for 2 years. He went back to the Kabuki world and became nadai and celebrated in June 1942 at the Kadoza. After WWII, he left the Kabuki world in January 1947 to perform with the troupe of Ichimatsu Emiko for a few years. He went back to the Kabuki world in Kamigata in 1950. He worked for the Tôhô Company for ten years from 1955. Then, he became a free actor (no contract with any company like the Tôhô or the Shôchiku) and worked mainly at the Ôsaka Shinkabukiza. He took the name of Ichikawa Seiko I [1] in August 1977. He appeared on stage for the last time in February 2001, in Fukuoka at the Hakataza, where he played the role of the countryside customer Gihê and the daijin from Awa in "Sonezaki Shinjû" and "Yoshidaya". He died of lung failure the 17th of December 2006.

Haimyô Yagô
Morishita Isamu Omodakaya
Ichikawa Seiko II

The actor Ichikawa Seiko II is the current holder of the name since March 2022.



[1] Seiko literally means 'Blue Tiger'. It was the haimyô of Ichikawa Seiko I's master Ichikawa Kodayû II.

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