Play title Akutar˘  In Japanese
Authors Okamura Shik˘
Kineya Sakichi IV (music)
Hanayagi Jusuke II (choreography)

The matsubamemono "Akutar˘" was premiered in June 1924 at the Ichimuraza [more details].

Key words Shosagoto
En'˘ Jűshu

Akutar˘ (literally a bad boy in Japanese), the nephew of the daimy˘ Yasuki Matsunoj˘, is a heavy drinker who conducts himself very badly when drunk. One day, the drunk Akutar˘ threatens his uncle with a Japanese halberd to get some sake to drink. Fortunately for Matsunoj˘, Akutar˘ is very inebriated and he decides to go home, walking with the priest Chirenb˘. He dances a part of the famous dance-drama "Funa Benkei" and collapses in the arms of Morpheus. The uncle takes the advantage of the situation to play a trick on Akutar˘, with the help of his servant Tar˘kaja, removing the halberd, shaving his nephew and dressing him with some bonze clothes. When Akutar˘ wakes up, he believes he was sent to kingdom come. Comical dances follow!

Ichikawa Ennosuke II playing the main role of the dance "Akutar˘" (print made by ďta Masamitsu)

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